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We go out of our way in order to assist our clients live up to the legislated standards and compliance with their Health Care Risk waste. We offer training, guidance, solutions as well as a service into the segregation and handling of Health Care Risk Waste

Wotatrix is also a supplier of containers and legislated packaging for all the Health Care risk waste. We also supply liners as well as Boxes for all the contaminated wastes. 

We offer

Health Care Risk Waste Transport is our core function. We are registered with the Department and offer a service that is SANS accreddited and of world class.

Wotatrix is a sole distributor of much needed consumables for the handling of Health care risk waste and general medical reasons. We not only have individual supplies, but also bulk supplies for wholesale distribution and trade. 

We are a major distributor of hygiene products for home workplace, industrial and bulk resell use. Wotatrix has merged with majot manufacturing brands in this path, and we have managed to come out top with the pricing we offer at the best of products

Wotatrix has also collaborated with other partners in delivering deep cleaning services as well sas hygiene services.